There are many hotels, guest houses, rentals, and B&Bs around Lake Atitlan. So why do our guests choose us?  Take a look at our reviews: our guests love it here!

Here’s a short video done by our guest Nurali Kushkov during his stay.

We arrange tours in our private boat to explore the beauty of the lake and introduce you to the local towns, each of which has a unique culture and personality. We’ll take you to local markets and cultural sites.

In our kayaks you can explore on your own or with a guide. We can arrange guided hikes up local volcanoes, or horseback riding at a nearby ranch.

Explore local culture

We arrange fire ceremonies with local Mayan priests and personalized tours to acquaint you with local culture and spiritual practices. A visit to Santiago Atitlan isn’t complete without a trip to the Catholic church, built by the Spanish in 1541 on the site of an ancient Mayan temple, or a stop to see Maximon.

Many of our guests tour of the lovely village of San Juan la Laguna. San Juan is known for its art galleries, weaving cooperatives, and fabrics colored with all-natural dyes.

Nourish creativity

Are you an artist? Beautiful subjects surround you. Are you a writer? We have lots of private space for you to write. Musician? We have an electronic piano and acoustic guitar available. The acoustics in the upper common area are amazing. Lake Villa Guatemala is the perfect place to get away from distractions and practice your craft.

Enjoy superb meals

Our retreats include all meals, and we tailor our menu to meet your preferences and restrictions. Meals are plant-based (pure vegetarian / vegan) and feature fresh produce from local sources, including our organic garden.

Traci has been creating delicious plant-based cuisine since 2007. She is a graduate of the Rouxbe Plant-Based Professional certification program.

“This vacation met and surpassed all of our expectations. Traci is a gracious host who welcomes guests to share her dream location. The food was utterly amazing and the grounds were breathtakingly beautiful.” – Mike and Jane, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Why We’re Special

  • No place else has the combination of superior accommodations and delicious plant-based (pure vegetarian / vegan) meals tailored to your food preferences.
  • Your hosts, Mark & Traci, have a wealth of knowledge about the lake area and, if you choose, will be your personal tour guides during your stay.
  • When you stay here, you are our personal guests. We personally oversee every detail of your stay and your comfort.
  • The lake area has many options for budget accommodations–we’re not one of them. We offer outstanding value, not low prices.
  • Staying here is like having a private villa with a personal chef.
  • Guatemalan towns are known for their cacophony of sounds: barking dogs, crowing roosters, firecrackers, singing from churches, the rushing motors of busses and tuk-tuks. With our private, and quiet location, you’ll have the sounds of singing birds, wind in the trees, and the gentle lapping of the lake on the shore.
  • We have a whole house water filter system. Unlike almost everyplace else in Guatemala, you can drink the water right out of the tap.
  • We’re eco-friendly. We use all natural cleaning products; our spa is one of most energy-efficient models available; everything is recycled and kitchen waste goes into the compost pits to feed our organic garden. We use energy-efficient LED lighting as much as possible. As of July 2015, all our power is solar, and our hot water is solar thermal! We have platinum level GreenLeader certification from TripAdvisor for our sustainability efforts.