Not sure whether Lake Villa Guatemala is right for you? Here’s what some of our past guests have to say about their stays here.

  • Erin and Karl

    Erin and Karl

    This GORGEOUS property on Lake Atitlan is absolutely breathtaking! This is the perfect lakefront retreat with incredible views of the lake and Traci’s cooking is beyond delicious!!! Every meal far exceeded our expectations – Traci is an amazing cook and requests your preferences in advance. Further, Traci was so helpful in helping us plan the logistics of our trip (including organizing our transportation to and from the airport). A highlight was having Traci show us the towns around the lake on her private boat. She’s very knowledgable and was just a delight to spend time with. This is truly a once in a life time experience and we plan to return soon!

    — November 2, 2018
  • Nancy


    Dinner and breakfast exceeded my expectations. Accommodations were wonderful. The view of the lake from the house is beautiful. The gardens and house are lovely. It’s the perfect spot for a quiet, spoiled get away

    Guatemala — May 3, 2018
  • Matia and Jeremy

    Matia and Jeremy

    The house is beautiful with many decks and patios to enjoy the amazing view of the lake. We enjoyed so many yummy meals that it would be impossible to pick my favorite. Best of all, we learned all sorts of shortcuts and tips to make replicating the meals at home fast and easy. Touring all the communities around the lake was fascinating. Traci and Mark know so much about the lake’s history and culture-they were wonderful tour guides!

    Oregon, USA — January 5, 2018
  • Isabel


    We couldn’t have found a better place to stay at. While Traci and Mark make it very easy to travel to different places on the lake (even showing us around Santiago), the space is beautiful and it’s not a bad idea to just stay, kayak, sit in the hammock, and eat all their good food! I was there with family during my birthday and Traci made an incredible cake, which was so kind. Also, their cat Tigre is phenomenal 🙂 endless gratitude for sharing your beautiful home with us!

    Guatemala — March 6, 2017
  • Tom


    We knew how beautiful Lake Atitlan was in its volcanic splendor, and we were intrigued by the idea of a vegan resort in such a remote and undeveloped area. We were not prepared for how gorgeous the villa was, how gently nestled it was into a beautiful hillside on the shore of the lake, how easy and fun it was to travel to the many, interesting towns around the lake, and, most of all, how exquisite the meals would be. The recipes were original, the range of meals impressive, and each breakfast, lunch, and dinner a delicious adventure. Then there were the little touches: the thrum of the bees sipping from the flowering tree overhanging the terrace, the elegant and shameless Tigre, the lilting harmonies of our hosts practicing as we lounged in the afternoon sun, and the easy, beautiful kayaking to see other over-the-top mansions along the lake-front. Add the warm and friendly Guatemalans and their art and commerce, and this added up to a perfect vacation.

    New Jersey, USA — February 28, 2017
  • Eydie


    We went on vacation to Lake Villa Guatemala to learn about plant-based cooking. We did that thanks to the kitchen wizardry of our thoughtful and engaging hosts, Traci and Mark. But we also did more – much more. We were swept away by the natural beauty of the Lake Atitlan area and learned again firsthand how important it is to live in harmony with the natural environment. With the encouragement of Traci and Mark, we were also exposed to the cultural richness of the uniquely different villages that surround the lake and the challenges of the local populations to preserve their heritage. Finally, we can’t say enough about the warmth of welcome we received from Traci and Mark. When it comes to relaxed hospitality, they set a very high bar.

    Toronto, Canada — January 22, 2017
  • Ciara


    Set in a beautiful location on lake Atitlán with lake frontage this b&b was excellent. Super comfy bed, hot tub and best of all sumptuous vegan cooking. If you’re a meat eater you’ll still love the food! Traci and Mark were really helpful and fabulous hosts. I will come back. The lake is an amazing experience.

    London, England — June 17, 2016
  • Paquita and Brian

    Paquita and Brian

    This is a wonderful experience. The location is beautiful, Traci and Mark are excellent hosts, not only providing useful information but also fun conversation that helped us understand the region better, and of course the food is excellent. Traci and Mark were also very accommodating of our logistical desires, which helped us make the most of the limited time (3 nights, 2 days) that we had available to us. I would love to come back here.

    Miami, Florida — November, 2015
  • Katie and Ben

    Katie and Ben

    I expected to have a wonderful time at Lake Villa Guatemala after viewing the website, (I actually chose to travel to Guatemala BECAUSE of this vegan bed and breakfast), but it surpassed my expectations.

    Traci and Mark are wonderful hosts. I really appreciated how they provided information about local activities and food.

    My boyfriend and I stayed with them for three days and not only enjoyed their beautiful, comfortable home (RIGHT on Lake Atitlan, but also quiet,) but their company. We loved conversations over dinner and felt like we were talking with interesting, intelligent, cultured, fun, kind friends.
    On the same note, both Mark and Traci are very supportive of personal space. Though it is their home, I never felt like I couldn’t leave to take a nap or eat breakfast with just my boyfriend, if I wanted to. The house is large and there are areas to practice yoga, relax in a hammock, or even lift hand-weights. Truly, Traci works with her guests to tailor the trip and activities to personal preference. She even asked us which foods we liked/did not like before arriving to Guatemala!

    And the food. We were so happy! Haha. Traci cooks everything vegan and from scratch, including her breads. She gives guests a guide about what she can make, and lets you make suggestions. I am certain that even non-vegans would enjoy her cooking. We were so happy with the meals that we bought dinner each night too! (Breakfast is included).

    We explored Santiago by ourselves one afternoon and had Traci and Mark with us the next day to visit towns around the lake. One day when we needed a guide to hike Cerro de Oro, Traci contacted a trusted friend to help us make the climb.

    I can’t say enough about our stay at Lake Villa Guatemala, the view, and our hospitable hosts. Thank you Traci and Mark for a wonderful time!

    Cincinnati, Ohio — November, 2015
  • RK

    Man, we saw more rain at Lake Atitlan than we’ve seen in years (some of us are from California) but, still, never cared much since the house we rented from Traci was fantastic. Perfect for six people who love to share a lounging space, some musical instruments, a top-notch kitchen, a hot tub and a view to die for.

    Yup, it’s a little removed from town (Santiago) but that didn’t stop us from getting out a few times. My nephew and I flagged down a passing pickup truck on the road up the hill, in the pouring rain, and took that into Santiago. Not for the faint of heart but there if you’d like it. However, Traci provides a couple of phone numbers for drivers, as well as a boat to rent which is expertly captained by Pedro or Roberto, the two most-excellent caretakers at the property. We loved those guys.

    The house’s many levels spill down the hillside toward the lake which creates one fantastic view after another and, my god, cannot speak more highly of the hammocks hanging out down toward the dock.

    Santiago, the nearest town, is small and very walk-able and is a little on the “rougher” side, meaning a little more “real” feeling. Seems like tourism and its ills are only now starting to make their way through the economy. San Pedro, a very cool destination for a day trip, is larger, a little cleaner and somewhat more tranquil seeming. It’s filled with Spanish schools and gringo-friendly (not a bad thing, just saying) restaurants and very mellow salespeople hanging around. Throw in a few smelly hippies and a large dose of evangelical Christian churches up the hill and you have a great cultural mash up in the most beautiful of settings, Lake Atitlan.

    Do yourself a favor, just go. Stay at Traci’s house, bring a few of your most favorite people in the world and you’ll never regret it.

    California, USA — October, 2015
  • Bill and Karen

    Bill and Karen

    If you are ready to disconnect from the stresses of a busy life, I highly recommend the Lake Villa Guatemala. It is one of the most peaceful places on the planet.

    Only several hours from Guatemala City, on a road that can be a little bumpy in places, the time flew by as we chatted with our driver, Mark.

    We stayed in the Lake View room which offers great privacy and beautiful views of Lake Atitlan. We enjoyed fresh French Press coffee in our room each morning as we watched the fishermen out for their morning rounds.

    The vegan cooking workshop was great as we learned new ways to prepare wonderful gourmet meals each afternoon. The meals were delicious and we were never hungry. I even came home 3 pounds lighter from the healthy meals.

    Traci and Mark were very gracious hosts and tended to our every need. They guided us on tours and shopping in the many adorable villages around the lake. Both are very talented musicians and singers and we were delighted as they performed fun songs from folk to modern rock. Traci even found a fantastic place for my wife to get a facial, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

    We enjoyed learning about the Mayan culture and the very friendly disposition of the local Guatemalan residents. Hiking the volcano in Santiago was arduous, but the views from the top are spectacular. Mark’s son, Kyle, was our wonderful guide for the hike and we were impressed by his knowledge of the local flora and fauna.

    Spending afternoons in the hammocks down by the lake with a good book was very relaxing and nap inducing. While our trip was to celebrate my wife’s 50th birthday, don’t wait for a special occasion to visit this incredible place. Everything was perfect.

    Puerto Rico — August, 2015
  • T. W.

    T. W.

    I had stayed here when this Shangri-La first opened. It was a WOW, undiscovered jewel. The memories of the hand made cashew milk that was richer than cream in my coffee…truly amazing. Having recently returned and communing with Traci (and Mark!) has made this non-social media guy – motivated to venture into the virtual world letting everyone know of this extremely special place. While it has been discovered…it remains a place that feels off the beaten path with high end personal connection and luxury!

    Reno, Nevada — August, 2015
  • Erik and Niki

    Erik and Niki

    Last July my wife and I spent 8 days of our honeymoon at the Lake Villa, and had a fantastic time! Our wonderful hosts Traci and Mark really went out of their way to make sure we had a great time. We really enjoyed our exciting days and relaxed evenings on the lake, but especially the FOOD! The Villa is enormous – there is plenty of space to both socialize and to duck away for some privacy. We stayed in the lake room and recommend it for the great view.

    I’ll try to cover all of the information I can here, because we found Guatemala to be a fascinating and sometimes wild place to visit.

    Food: While my wife is vegan, I am an everything-vore. I appreciate good food, and it is my pleasure to thank Traci for her outstanding vegan meals. In my experience vegan food is as good as the chef, and I can’t think of anything we didn’t like! I personally thought breakfast on the patio the best. Beautiful scenery combined with delicious coffee, fresh fruit, home made bagels, vegan scramble, etc.

    Hosts: Mark and Traci are great! We opted to have one or both of them accompany us on daily outings. It was great to have them around as guides and friends. Mark has lived 30 some-odd years around the lake, which means he knows just about all of the history and some pretty wild stories. He also helped with our spanish – or lack thereof – during our trips around the lake.

    Transportation: First off, we were thrilled to have Mark pick us up in Guatemala City after spending the night at the Barcelo. The trip from the city to the Villa was pretty wild, something like 3-4 hours on poor roads, with the feeling that one of the many chicken buses just might run you over. I was comfortable with Mark driving, but I can’t recommend renting a car unless you’re prepared for that kind of driving experience.

    During our trip we either traveled across the lake by boat, or overland by car, which was great. I think you could get around by Tuk Tuk or pickup truck if you’re feeling adventurous, but you’ll probably want speak some basic Spanish. The Lake villages felt friendly and welcome to tourists, in fact we ran into many people visiting from other English-speaking countries.

    Activities: Our day trips included shopping at markets, zip lining, and hiking. We did a lot of shopping, especially with the beautiful hand-woven textiles and artwork. The exchange rate is nice if you’re visiting from the US. Each village really has its own unique culture, which I didn’t really believe until I saw it for myself. I found it very interesting that villages only a few miles apart were so different. We tried to experience and support the local businesses when we found them.

    We hiked the local Cerro de Oro ‘mini volcano’ one day, and then tackled the San Pedro volcano hike the next day. Be prepared that the San Pedro hike is very steep. It’s a stair climb for about 3 hours up, but the view at the top is hard to beat.

    Weather: It was about 80 degrees and sunny every day, and a temperate 60-65 at night. We visited in July during the ‘rainy season’ but it literally did not rain until the day we left. In fact it was described as a drought. My wife and I both bought new raincoats before visiting, expecting to get poured on during one of our hikes, and never used them. Go figure. I guess being prepared is some kind of rain ward.

    In summary, we really appreciated the culture, people, food, hosts, and everything else that Lake Atitlan had to offer. It’s a really unique place to visit, and staying at the Lake Villa was a great way to experience it all. We would love to come back and visit some time!

    Denver, Colorado — July, 2015
  • Toby and Julie

    Toby and Julie

    It gives me the deepest pleasure to recommend Lake Villa Guatemala. I was able to help Traci in the kitchen cooking vegan meals! Traci is a master of vegan cheese, coconut & almond milk, sauces and lasagnas. The happiest moments of my vacation were fruit, smoothies & coffee at 7:30 am.

    I ask myself what can I do to help those in need in Guatemala…the answer is….go to Guatemala and have Traci introduce you to the people there.

    We stayed for two weeks and we are looking forward to returning.

    Electric City Gardens Restaurant, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada — April, 2015
  • Mohit and Shephali

    Mohit and Shephali

    Traci has set up an amazing vegan bnb right on the shores of Lake Atitlan. From the really great views, to the quick boat rides to local towns, to all the tours and activities you can do, everything was perfect for us. We even got to do a ceremony where a local Mayan Shaman blessed us – how cool is that!?

    I’m actually enjoying one of her smoothies as I write this – sad to be leaving as this is our last day. Thanks again for everything!

    California, USA — April, 2015
  • Nya


    I stayed at Lake Villa Guatemala for 7 days. It was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Traci made sure I arrived safely. She checked in with the driver and he checked in with her. She made sure all the details were considered and cleared.

    This experience was absolutely amazing. The entire property was clean and safe. Travel around the lake was guided with lots of historical knowledge. The environment was perfect for a retreat. Although I wanted to see and do a lot for a retreat stay, Traci made sure all my activities were planned and executed properly. We traveled to the Hot springs, stopped by the glass factory and participated in the glass blowing process. We also went horse back riding amazing views.

    I didn’t have to worry about being hungry because the food was amazing. Traci made her meals from scratch. I asked for coconut water and she used a fresh coconut. All the food was fresh gourmet and the coffee was great without anything and perfect with home made coconut milk. One day we had banana ice cream home made!

    The Villa is full of decor from local artist and represented the country well. Traci and Mark were a joy to be around. They both went over and beyond the call of duty to ensure I received the up most care and attention.

    The energy of the Villa is pleasant and very welcoming. This is definitely a home away from home. You can feel the love and energy put into making your stay just right for your needs. Before I left I was trying to plan my next visit.

    Virginia, USA — February, 2015
  • D & N

    What a pleasure to come to a vegan establishment and not have to worry about for for a change! What a beautiful location and comfortable surroundings. Top marks for the delicious cinnamon rolls, and we love Tigre!

    England, UK — January, 2015
  • Deepti


    I live in Brooklyn NY and just had to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I also work the night shift and was beyond exhausted. I was in desperate need to get away to a beautiful, quiet, peaceful setting where I could and rest and eat well.

    After much research, I came upon this charming bed and breakfast on TripAdvisor and felt it was a perfect match. Not just because of the beautiful setting, but because I was traveling solo as a female for the first time and wanted to feel safe. I was nervous and hesitant, but corresponded with Traci via email and she promptly addressed all of my concerns. For instance, I wanted to rest and relax, but was afraid of feeling lonely and bored. Traci assured me that would not happen because of the many activities and excursions that are available and she was right! She escorted me to every excursion and knows the area very well. She and her husband are also very knowledgeable of the culture and history of the place as well as being fluent in the language.

    After being picked up from the airport and finally arriving at the villa, I knew I had made the right decision. As you step out of the car you can’t help but to admire her beautiful garden with an array of flowers and plants.

    I entered her home through the main entrance where she has an open concept kitchen that flows into the dining area and living space which leads the eyes straight to unobstructed view of the lake. I definitely did not get tired of the view with beautiful hills and volcanoes surrounding the lake. The furniture in the main living area is also very comfortable.

    I chose to stay in the garden view room which is large, comfortable, and beautiful, yet simple. The bed was very comfortable and the pillows are nice and fluffy. The garden room is adjacent to the mediation room, which has unobstructed views of the lake. Each level has its own entrance that leads to the backyard which in turn leads to the dock/lake. I would go kayaking/swimming some mornings, and enjoy the hot tub too.

    The villa is vegan only. I’m not vegan, but decided to try it out. Traci cooks practically everything from scratch and it’s delicious. She asks in advance what your likes/dislikes/preferences/allergies are and so the menu is pretty much catered to you. Her desserts are divine! I would melt in my seat during dessert and yes moan! It’s nice to hang out with her in the kitchen too because you learn so much by just watching and can experiment too.

    In all it was a lovely trip with great company. I felt safe on the premises in general.

    The villa goes green big time as well. She has her own compost in the back. She also has special [water filter system] so you can drink the tap water and shower with your mouth open with no worries!

    I highly recommend Lake Villa Guatemala. Traci will make you feel right at home. My goal was to come back to Brooklyn feeling rejuvenated and rested-goal accomplished.

    Brooklyn, New York — September, 2014
  • Raphael


    I was invited by Traci of Lake Villa Guatemala to stay at her B&B and yes, the location was amazing but the service? The service was even beyond awesome.

    The B&B has only two bedrooms so it’s extremely quiet and personal. The service also includes both breakfast and dinner… Vegan breakfast and dinner. I gotta admit that when I heard this, the first thought that came to my head was “salads, salads and more salads” but turns out that the vegan lifestyle has many interesting choices and replacements for milk and cheese.

    Traci’s vegan lasagna was probably the best meal I’ve ever had during my travels in Guatemala! Sure, I love meat but hey, it’s always good to try something new once in a while, right? That’s the whole point about traveling: Experiencing new cultures and lifestyles in order to improve your own.

    Journey of Wonders — November, 2014
  • Mary Ann

    Mary Ann

    Beautiful place, delicious, healthy food, Traci is awesome. Safe place, great rooms, views. Every amenity you can imagine. So quiet you can do nothing (jacuzzi, hammock, read, meditate) or swim, hike, kayak, visit villages. I did a little of both. My seventh visit to Guatemala and most delightful.

    Pennsylvania, USA — June, 2014
  • Doug & Pat

    Doug & Pat

    A refreshing experience. Two weeks of total relaxation. Accompanied boat trips to traditional villages and markets, overnight at a marvelous hot springs, a glass factory, with beautiful countryside in between.

    All this with gourmet vegan meals. Traci and Mark gave us such warm and individual attention as to make us feel completely welcome.

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — March, 2014
  • Phyllis


    My husband, Blaine, and I live across the lake in Santa Catarina. Traci and her husband, Mark are wonderful friends who play music together in local venues. They share a passion for life! We stayed at Traci’s home while attending the music festival in Santiago.

    Traci is a very warm and caring host. Her home is beautiful and light. The rooms are private, large with excellent bedding and towels. Extra attention was paid to make sure our stay was comfortable and safe. This included a whole house water purification system.

    In the morning we awoke to freshly prepared coffee and breakfast treats! Her tofu scramble, sourdough bread, cherry almond scones and array of fresh jams were delicious.

    If you have the time you should plan to visit her amazing lakefront home with private dock. I think anyone who likes adventure with a touch of luxury would want to stay in her home!

    Santa Catarina, Lake Atitlan — March, 2014
  • Melissa


    I’m pretty sure I’ll never eat that well again for a six-day stretch! I took Traci up on her offer of a vegan cooking workshop at Lake Villa Guatemala and it was exactly what I was looking for. We (used loosely – I did a lot of learning from the expert) cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of my stay (with a couple of exceptions to accommodate boat trips during the day). EVERYTHING (truly not an exaggeration) was delicious and I left for home with doable recipes, tips from an experienced chef, and a desire to see how vegan I can be (I’ve been vegetarian for years but only experimenting with veganism).

    The setting is beautiful, the bed and breakfast beautifully appointed, and I thoroughly enjoyed outings to several indigenous villages and kayaking on the lake. Traci took care of everything—including transportation to and from Guatemala City— and she and her partner, Mark, had lots of Guatemala-related knowledge which I was eager to lap up. Traci was lovely and my stay delightful. I highly recommend Lake Villa Guatemala. What a gem!

    Virginia, USA — January, 2014
  • Mike and Omoleye

    Mike and Omoleye

    I’m an omnivore and sort of foodie who went to Guatemala for a wedding at Santiago Atitlan, which is about 15 minutes from Traci’s B&B. My wife is vegan, and we wanted a relaxing vacation with a good and easy food experience, which is the main reason we chose to stay. We stayed for 5 nights and enjoyed everything about this place.

    Overall, we felt like guests, the vacation was very fun and relaxing, and Traci made it really easy to go out and do stuff around the lake (and the activities were clearly and fairly priced). I’d go back for certain if we end up in the area again, and I’d consider making a special trip for another relaxing vacation.

    Philadelphia, USA — May, 2013
  • Darren and Sarah

    Darren and Sarah

    We came across this place while looking to get away – anywhere – and thought what could be better than a few days on a lake at a vegan B&B.

    Traci (and Mark) are great fun, very knowledgable, helpful, and accommodating. The food was spectacular, and non-vegans who like GOOD FOOD will be quite content. The accomodations are modern, spacious, relaxing, and comfortable.

    While the location really is not near anything, that’s kind of the point. Traci and her staff were always able to accomodate our plans and wishes to sightsee the various villages around the lake. This is a unique location and a perfect place to spend a few days to really BE on vacation.

    Denver, Colorado — April, 2013
  • The Parakh Family

    The Parakh Family

    I found this place on HappyCow and corresponded with Traci extensively before our trip. She was extremely helpful before and during our trip, to the extent that we felt that we had personal concierge service.

    Traci truly makes you feel at home, and you have full access to nearly the whole house. The house itself is beautiful and tastefully decorated, with space for exercise, interesting books, and views galore. There are stunning views of the lake from the lake view room.

    Boating to nearby villages (the most efficient means of transport) is easily and inexpensively arranged from your private dock. Supremely healthy, whole-food vegan cuisine is prepared with love and care.

    On the first evening, we were serenaded with a private concert by Traci and her musician-partner Mark.

    Overall, this place offers exceptional value for money. As there are only two guest rooms, I strongly suggest that you book your visit now before there is a one year waiting list! This is not a mere hotel or guesthouse – you are Traci’s personal guest in a journey of wellness.

    Niagara Falls, Canada — January, 2013
  • Herb and Dvora

    Herb and Dvora

    We loved our four days at Lake Villa Guatemala.

    The inn is comfortable and tastefully decorated with locally made furniture and handicrafts. The grounds — the gardens, gazebo, hammocks, hot tub and, of course, the lake — are beautiful and relaxing.

    Traci was an excellent host. She is completely vegan, meaning no eggs or dairy as well as no meat, fowl or fish. But this was hardly a hardship for us kosher-keeping omnivores as she is a fantastic cook. Everything, from the black bean soup, gazpacho and corn chowder to the tofu with pumpkin seed sauce and the soba noodles and vegetables with peanut sauce and from the granola, fresh fruit, smoothies and whole wheat sour dough bread to the oatmeal cookies and chocolate-date balls, was not only wholesome but delicious as well.

    Traci was also helpful and generous with her time, teaching us about the local customs and taking us on two memorable excursions — a fascinating and moving tour of Santiago’s sacred Catholic and Mayan sites with Dolores and an inspiring session with the local (Anglo) chocolate-using non-denominational spiritual healer in San Marcos.

    Her books about Guatemela, Mayan culture and the lake, and the meditation apps on the iPod and yoga mats she lent us, added to our edification and relaxation.  We learned a lot but also completely mellowed out, which can be hard for one of us.

    Highly recommended.

    New York — January, 2013
  • Dominic DiAntonio

    Dominic DiAntonio

    I came to Lake Villa Guatemala to immerse myself in a vegan diet for a month. I wanted to change my eating habits and start eating cleaner. My goal was to lose 20 lbs in the month I was there.

    I ate awesome food every day–delicious smoothies, soups, stir-frys, even vegan pizza and lasagna. I felt healthier and learned al lot about nutrition. Traci even helped me learn about the healthiest choices when eating out.

    The result: I lost 21 lbs while I was there. In the week since I returned from Guatemala, I have continued my plant-based diet and lost and additional 4 lbs.

    Philadelphia, PA — November, 2012
  • Ken McCarthy

    Ken McCarthy

    A stunningly beautiful and peaceful setting. The food was superb and the local resources and side trips Traci arranged for me were fascinating.  She is a marvelous hostess.

    I can’t imagine a better way to enjoy Lake Atitlan, which is indeed one of the most beautiful places on earth.

    Interesting side note: I was so inspired by the experience, I decided to look for place to live closer to nature back home rather than stay in a place I felt “stuck” in. I fortuitously found one shortly after getting back and moved to the great improvement of my everyday life. So I’d say the benefits of my visit have continued to this day!

    A highly recommended experience.

    Technology entrepreneur — April, 2012
  • Mike and Jane

    Mike and Jane

    Our Atitlan experience truly was an awakening. As vegans, amazing food has become the main criterion when searching for vacations spots. We happened upon the Lake Villa Guatemala site and after viewing sample menus and photos, we promptly booked ourselves in.

    This vacation met and surpassed all of our expectations. Traci is a gracious host who welcomes guests to share her dream location. The food was utterly amazing and the grounds were breathtakingly beautiful. The lake is simply gorgeous, with spectacular vistas all round. Traci helped us see the Guatemala she loves and shared our volcano climb experience! This is a destination for anyone, vegan or not, looking for a unique experience.

    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada — January, 2012
  • Lee Hart

    Lee Hart

    I cannot use enough superaltives to descibe the beauty of Lake Villa Guatemala. Traci has one of the most serenely beautiful retreat centers I’ve every visited. Nestled at the top of lushly forrested hilltop overlooking the magical Lake Attitlan, one’s soul is immediately refreshed by just breathing the sweet air.

    Every room has windows facing the lake or the natural forestlike landscape. Through out the day, the changing light pours through, enveloping one in infinite beauty from sunrise to sunset. When you step out onto any of the decks, you are immediately immersed in the sounds of the birds and small animals moving through the trees and the incredible smells of the natural surroundings.

    A short walk down a cobble stone path takes one to the magical lake to kayak or to the gazebo to lazilyswing in the hammock or sit at the stone table for cup of tea, strong Guatamalan coffee, or aromatic cacao. The outside world is totally gone .Every meal is personally prepared by Traci using local produce; the prepared desserts and sauces are incredible. It is all vegan.

    The beds, oh yes, the beds. As good as any bed in any hotel. The decor in the rooms are very Mayan and very tasteful. My room opened onto a private deck where I could perform my own morning meditation ritual, and view the sunrise when I managed to awake in time. The bathrooms are spacious, plenty of hot water and safe to drink water in every tap throughout the house.

    If you choose to be more active, just ask this gracious hostess and it is arranged. When I expressed my desire to explore the various Mayan and indigenous ceremonies and visit the local women’s weaving cooperative and a coffee farm, all of this was arranged by Traci over my 3 day stay at her Shangri-La retreat!

    San Diego, CA — January, 2012
  • Judy Lemon

    Judy Lemon

    When you feel called to let go and just be, there’s no better place to do this than Lake Villa Guatemala. Everything you need is taken care of from airport transport to feeding both your body and soul. I came to take what I thought would be a few more steps along my spiritual path, and through the profound ceremonies that Traci arranged for me with local shamans, I ended up going further than I could have ever imagined. I was able to let go and just immerse myself in the magic of Lake Atitlan while eating freshly prepared food (including brownies made with the local cacao beans!) and sleeping in the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.

    The breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding volcanoes can easily be seen from many places on the property. Pull up a chair on one of the patios or dream away in a hammock – the choice is yours.

    Lake Villa Guatemala is probably the most beautiful private space on the lake, and you can make it yours by discussing your needs with Traci. This incredible experience is calling-when will you answer?

    Spiritual Teacher and Healer, San Diego, California — January, 2012
  • Jacqueline Jax

    Jacqueline Jax

    The Lake Villa Guatemala experience was for me, moving, inspiring and great fun.  From the authentically-prepared, vegan meals to the surprising insightful Cacao Shaman, I found my body, mind, and heart nourished and nurtured.

    I came to Lake Villa Guatemala with an intention to compose music.  As a busy musician, it’s easy to get stuck in regular routines and lose the creative edge that draws me to music in the first place.  While there, I enjoyed the kayak rides, the visits to local Mayan markets, the delicious food, the sacred ceremonies… and something about the spirit of the place.  I found my creativity flowering in the peaceful presence of something I can’t quite name.  Not only did I compose some of my greatest works ever, these many months later, I find that same creative energy is still with me.

    I highly recommend the Lake Villa Guatemala experience as is a rare opportunity to open yourself to receive beautiful gifts of spirit.

    San Diego, California — November, 2011
  • Jan Atkinson

    Jan Atkinson

    I was so blessed to take part in a “Personal Retreat” at Lake Villa Guatemala, located right on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Traci owns this stunningly beautiful property. She cooks some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten; will tailor to your needs whatever kind of Retreat your heart/soul desires; will introduce you to all kinds of experiences with indigenous peoples; will introduce you to a couple of different kinds of Shamans; will “hold the space” for a silent Retreat; and/or will do all or none of the above, depending on what you request. She even sets up transportation to and from the airport, and completely takes care of you if that’s what you want.

    Traci’s smile is full of Light; her heart is full of love; and her home is full of space and beauty. It will be a blessed experience you will never forget.

    Attorney and Spiritual Coach — November, 2011