The Lake Villa Guatemala experience was for me, moving, inspiring and great fun.  From the authentically-prepared, vegan meals to the surprising insightful Cacao Shaman, I found my body, mind, and heart nourished and nurtured.

I came to Lake Villa Guatemala with an intention to compose music.  As a busy musician, it’s easy to get stuck in regular routines and lose the creative edge that draws me to music in the first place.  While there, I enjoyed the kayak rides, the visits to local Mayan markets, the delicious food, the sacred ceremonies… and something about the spirit of the place.  I found my creativity flowering in the peaceful presence of something I can’t quite name.  Not only did I compose some of my greatest works ever, these many months later, I find that same creative energy is still with me.

I highly recommend the Lake Villa Guatemala experience as is a rare opportunity to open yourself to receive beautiful gifts of spirit.